Coordinator Election

Coordinator Election can be complex and hard to understand. Here are some keys I collected.  Compare Coordinator Election VS Distributed Mutual Exclusion In Distributed Mutual Exclusion, each node only care about it is my turn or not. But as a elected coordinator, you have to inform all other nodes. Fault tolerance is of primary importance […]

Distributed Mutual Exclusion

The fact is we generally prefer central coordinator solution in distributed system on mutual exclusion. 1. Centralized Solution  Central Coordinator is needed 3 message per critical section entry Pro:      guarantee mutual exclusion      3 msg per entry: request, permission, release Con:      coordinator may die      thread may die in c.s.     […]

Monolithic Concurrency Control

Monolithic concurrency control is the basic to understand how to deal with complex distributed concurrency control.  Some keys I collected very useful as following:  1. Characteristics of a solution Mutual Exclusion: one process in critical session at one time. Progress: no process is forced to wait for an available recourse.   Bounded Waiting: no process can […]

Refresh Computer Network

Network is always good review, so I spend some time collect my notes and sort them out. Here are some “must-know” on network.  Think about what would you do when you are going to re-design a network? 1. LAN: Local Area Network. The 1st step is simply connect machines together on a broadcast basic. Most cases […]